Moving In

This morning started bright and early. We were woken up at 4 am by the hostel’s fire alarm. Of course it was pouring (just our luck) and all of us huddled together so that no one was in the rain. We were saying later that none of us grabbed anything really important if there truly was a fire (it was a false alarm) because everyone I talked to grabbed their shoes and phone..not a passport or anything that matters.

Us Aucklanders were on the bus for the whole morning. The bus of 45ish students first dropped off Paige, who’s the only one from our ISA group studying at Hamilton. Then we went to the Auckland airport where all but 9 left the bus – everyone else was headed to either Wellington or Palmerston North.

I had my first Tim Tam today while on the bus! It was amazing and I need to buy some soon! But I should probably buy groceries and not junk food first.

Tim Tam yum yum

By the time we made it back to Auckland, we became a bike. Too (2) tired. Knee slapper, I know. We dropped off the 3 people living in independent housing and the rest of us went to the University Hall Apartments, my home away from home for the next four and a half months.

I love my flat! There’s a kitchen area, a living room area, and us 4 flatmates each have our own single room. Thita from Thailand was my only flatmate who had moved in so far, and she’s super nice.

For dinner, Evan, Theresa, and I went to Stella’s Cafe. I ordered a vegetarian panini and it was delish. I’m a fan of most food, but this tasted better than I had expected it to. ALSO, the juice here is heavenly. You can taste the freshness. I ordered apple juice with my panini and man oh man was it good. (Who am I? Does anyone even say man oh man anymore?)

Note to self: make sure to bring parents to Stella’s Cafe.

After dinner, we went to the Chinese New Year Festival at the nearby park (I think, I’m not sure, it was dark). There were lots of lanterns, food trucks, and a famous Chinese band that did a cover of Thriller, which was pretty cool to hear.

First official day: success.


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