Orientation Day

I CAN TALK. I still am sick and still sound sick, but I CAN TALK.

We had orientation from 1o to noonish. It was for study abroad and exchange students, and a lot of us were from America. I’m not sure what kind of cookie they gave us after they greeted us with a haka, but it was delicious.

Orientation was orientation. We learned about student life, extracurricular activities, and what we should expect in class.


Bag I got at orientation. I feel so official with it!

I met a whole group of people from Loyola, Maryland who were all studying abroad as well. They had gone to the Bay of Islands and recommended it, so I’ll definitely be adding that to my list of places to explore!

After orientation, we went around town and grabbed lunch (I got Subway because I wasn’t feeling sushi) and then Theresa and I went to the arts supplies store. Going into the store made me wish I was good at drawing. The store inspired my creative senses. Maybe I’ll try and learn how to do calligraphy while here.

I was able to talk to my flatmate who moved in yesterday! His name is Sean, is studying environmental science, and is a Kiwi!!

I had a realization about accents today. Whenever I hear an American accent, I process it as that person not having an accent, but maybe that’s what people who speak different languages think about their native language. Maybe, I dunno.


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