I went to Countdown (the grocery store) in the morning to buy some cough drops and mouthwash. I also finally caved in and bought dark chocolate Tim Tams (spoiler: they are amazing).

At 11, us ISA mates walked over to the quad/atrium area to pick up our student ID’s. It’s slowly hitting me that school starts on Monday. I’m excited to get back into the rhythm of things but nervous because I’m not sure what to expect. After that, we walked around campus and got our AT Hop Cards which is used for public transit (our equivalent to a bus card). We also went to the bookstore to check out what textbooks we need to buy for classes.

After that, we went to a Thai restaurant for lunch. I got some pad thai, of course. It was pretty good, but I’m on a hunt to find the best pad thai in Auckland. I’m slowly but surely getting used to going up after eating to pay for the food, rather than them coming to us with a check.

The movie theater is sweet as (kiwi slang for cool, apparently it’s supposed to signify that something is as sweet as candy or chocolate or something like that).

My movie ticket. They have specific seats on them!
This is what the elevator looks like inside the theater.

Deadpool was awesome to say the least, it made me constantly laugh. I’m not gonna spoil anything, but if you do see it, don’t forget to stay until after the credits end.


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