Kiwi Chipotle


I texted Mom yesterday (hi Mom) saying that I hadn’t found any Mexican food and she responded with “ok” Mom, it wasn’t okay! But it is now because what I had was essentially Chipotle’s sibling and it was delicious. It’s called Chilando and I got a grilled vegetarian burrito.


I didn’t take a photo of the burrito, but I guess that gives me another reason to come back to the mall.

I went on a free scenic bus tour to this mall in St. Luke’s, which is apparently one of the three big shopping centers (centres? I need to get used to British spelling for my classes papers. They’re called papers here) in Auckland. This is where I found Chilando!

The mall was pretty nifty, there was a food court and a movie theater and a K-MART! And other stores and candy stories (candy here is called lollies, even if it’s not specifically a lollipop I think).


When I got back, Theresa, Celeste, and I went out and about to find out where exactly our classrooms (paper rooms? I’m not sure) were so that we don’t have to figure out where they are when school starts next week. All of my classrooms are in huge lecture halls with about 250 students each.

After, I hung out with Simran and her friend Christina. We met at Albert Park (park next to the university) and then somehow walked around campus and ended up on Queen Street (I’m not sure how). Favorite quote of the evening? “What’s that pancake place that has ‘hop’ in it?” Queen Street is THE street to be on. It has all the stores you need, from cafes to groceries to clothing stores and everything in between. Also, the more you walk down Queen Street, the closer you’ll be to Queen’s Wharf, which is where the harbor is.

I came back to my apartment around 8:30 pm after hanging out with them and then made pasta for dinner for the nth time.


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