Somethin’s Fishy

Theresa, Jessica, and I went to the farmer’s market that they have every Saturday morning next to Britomart. They also have heaps (kiwi for a lot!! I told my coworkers the exact same thing and that it makes me laugh every time I hear the word heaps, and one of them responded saying “wow, heaps means a lot here too”) of similar stores. I saw a Lulu Lemon store and some other good ones.

We then went to Countdown and bought all the groceries. Well, almost all. I spent $50! But I didn’t feel that bad after thinking about it for a bit because almost half of it was for sunscreen and everything else was for food. The ISA directors told us that sunscreen is super important here because the ozone layer is thinner and therefore we are more prone to ultraviolet rays (or something science-y like that).

We came back, relaxed for a bit, and then met up with Sebastian, Nathan, and Evan to go to the aquarium! Sebastian is one of Jessica and Theresa’s flatmates, and Nathan is Rachel’s flatmate (Rachel goes to Chaptown as well), and Nathan and Sebastian go to Wheaton back home. It was so fun, we saw penguins, seahorses, sharks, and lots of fish. Even the free shuttle that took us to and from the aquarium was cute!

NZ is so green, even the jellyfish are.
Answer: not that big.
I thought the shark was pretty. Pretty scary.

Quote of the day: “You’re from Montreal?” – Nathan, when Jessica asked me how One Tree Hill (sounds a bit like Montreal I guess) was while we were waiting for the shuttle to pick us up after we finished with the aquarium. Also, two Indians asked me to take a photo of them on their Canon and I was honored.

I don’t know him, but I hope he’s having a good time. I am!

OH I almost forgot this. I guess you could say I pulled a Dory (HA).

Found Dory (no need for a sequel I guess)

Once we got off the shuttle, we explored some stores a little bit and then walked back to our apartments about an hour before the rain started to pour down for the rest of the night, it was some nice timing.

I ate 3 quesadillas for dinner. Three. And I don’t regret it one bit. (Okay, maybe a little bit.) The cheese tastes so fresh! I don’t know why I didn’t think to buy tortillas and cheese on the first day, but better late than never.


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