The Proposal

MY BROTHER PROPOSED & SHE SAID YES! (Actually, let’s get the facts right. She said “of course!”)

You proposed when I’m on the other side of the planet. Jerk.

(just kidding)

On Valentine’s Day, (also the day I left to go to this lovely place. HA, get it? Lovely? and Valentine’s Day? so clever) he told me that he was going to pop the question to Aroma (Hi Aroma!! and family if you’re reading this) and then I was plopped into an ocean of happiness.

Anyway, back to today. I was so excited that I told all my new friends mates and they were stoked too! They told me that I had to celebrate (was already planning on it!) and I celebrated the best way possible. WITH FOOD, duh. Pizza, to be specific.

I Facetime Audio’d while almost everyone (Minus me and Beamy! But hi family and soon to be family!!) was at dinner! It was exciting yet comforting to hear them all again.

It was a sweet as (Kiwi lingo still makes me laugh every time) start to the semester, that’s for sure. I hope I get to hear all the details soon!!

See you all in a week or so (classes start tomorrow so I’ll blog weekly from now on). Or I guess you’ll see me, I dunno.


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