Yaaaay School Started (cue sarcasm)

1. Man Droughts

On Monday, February 29, (my first day of class!) in consumer behaviour, one of the girls next to me said something about a man drought. I wasn’t sure if I heard her right, so I looked at her kind of weird and she responded, “Oh, there’s not a lot of guys in this class.” I like Kiwi humor (humour?).

2. Volcanoes

I think the photos will do this place more justice than my words can.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Mount Eden. It’s a crater!

I hiked here on Wednesday, March 2 with Theresa. We made it just as the sun was setting:

On the way up to Mount Eden

On Saturday, March 5 I went with 5 other people to Rangitoto to see the summit and the lava caves.

DSC_0194 (1)
View from Rangitoto summit!

About an hour and lots of sweating later, we made it to the summit. I think the best way to describe the view is to imagine the most beautiful green golf course possible – that’s what it looked like to me.


ISA gave us free pizza from Sal’s on Thursday, March 3. This is the same pizza place I went to on the Sunday (Saturday there) my brother proposed. Ben talked about how people hand out the FREE-EST stuff (as opposed to having to do a survey for a “free” item.)

4. Mrs. Higgin’s Cookie

aka HEAVEN. Evan and I went here on Friday, March 4 because we wanted to celebrate finishing our first week studying in a new country. We went to the place that smells amazing most of the time. I say most of the time because, since it’s a freshly baked cookie place, we typically get an aroma (ha, sorry Aroma, I had to) of the most amazing, heavenliest cookies possible. BUT there’s a laundry place right next to it. Laundry doesn’t necessary smell bad, but when you’re expecting a cookie scent and you’re given a laundry one instead.. it’s kind of (read: very) disappointing.

5. Kiwi Laundry

Speaking of laundry (wow best transition ever), I did my laundry on Sunday afternoon (March 6) and also studied for my first test for advertising and promotions. It’s called a test, but it’s more of a quiz (15 multiple choice questions) so I hope it isn’t too bad.

BUT back to the main point. I don’t mind doing laundry, but I don’t understand the washing machines here. Why do the makers put instructions on the inside when you have to close the lid? Who does that?! I don’t understand.

I took this photo so I could see what the rest of the instructions were. l o l.

I think that pretty much sums up my week. Until next time!


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