twenty one.

I’ll let the photos do most of the talking (typing?) but thank you to everyone who thought about me this past weekend. Whether it’s been minutes, months, or years since we’ve talked/hung out, it meant a lot to me and I feel fortunate to know the people I do.

Also, I know this is random but Ripple, I MISS YOU!! Especially because I talked to everyone except you on Sunday morning your time. But I hope you all had an amazing time in Paris! (It sounded like everyone did.)

UPDATED Friday, March 18 @ 9:30 AM: I lied. Ripple, I still miss you. (I wanted to clarify that’s not what I lied about.) I talked to everyone except BEAMY on Sunday morning. I’m laughing at myself (nothing new), except this time for the mistake I made – I’m so sorry! Video chat would’ve been helpful here. In all seriousness though, I do feel kinda bad about it.

But I truly do miss you all, I don’t know if anyone understands how excited I am to gain 3 sisters!! I just want to get the facts right so I can laugh at myself again in the future. Shout-out to my favorite brother (ha) for gently telling me I was wrong..hahaha I appreciate it & you.

Trying/failing to cut cake evenly.

Parents are awesome. Thank you for sending cake (everyone loved/devoured it!) and brownies, for making me cry tears of joy from the other side of the Pacific Ocean, and for constantly showing me how lucky I am to have the family I do.

Sky Tower ft. moon
One of my favorite views.
This wasn’t bad to look at either. Taken inside Sky Tower

NZ’s interesting. This country has a way of making me feel tall but small at the same time. Tall because I’m so high up whenever I go on hikes or into cool buildings like the Sky Tower, but small because it reminds me of how big the world is.

Outside of Sky Tower

Other highlights this week:

Sunday night (March 6): The power went off in the apartments around 10 pm and came back 2 hours later. During the power outage, my flatmate Sean told me he was going to find his torch and take a shower. I was a tad concerned that he kept a torch just laying around in his room until I remembered that it’s the Kiwi equivalent of what we call a flashlight. Silly Sean.

Tuesday (March 8) and Thursday (March 10): Survived another week of advanced financial management. It isn’t the content that’s hard (yet) but rather the paying attention. It’s tough to pay attention when the professor tells you that the person who scored the highest grade last semester never came to class..

Wednesday (March 9): I think I may have learned (the hard way) that saying “bless you” isn’t a thing here. I dunno, oh well.

Saturday (March 12): I went to the beach for the first time in NZ! It’s called Takapuna and it probably doesn’t roughly translate to “beautiful” but it should.

View of Rangitoto. That orange ball is a buoy (if you were wondering)



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