About a Month Ago

This weekend (March 19-20) I was a monkey and a tourist. On Saturday, I did a high ropes course nestled in Woodhill Forest (read: middle of nowhere). From climbing ladders, hanging on ropes, wobbling 14 meters above the ground, and ziplining, it was so much fun and more than worth the soreness the next day. On Sunday, I went to Devonport, a 15 minute ferry ride from Auckland. After eating, I went to Mount Victoria and got some nice views. It’s so pretty and reminded me a lot of Catalina Island. I’m definitely going to go back to try the famous chocolate and also to explore some more (ranked in order of importance).

High ropes course!
Cool (ha, cool) fountain
Vegan burger & fries ft. me.
View from Mount Victoria.
Hot chocolate ice cream!

This was hard for my brain to process. Hot chocolate in ice cream form. But hot and cold aren’t supposed to go together…or so I thought. So smart and yummy.

Birds by the pier.

Other highlights this week:

Monday (March 14): I taught Sean and Joseph how to make a quesadilla. I was amazed that they had no idea what it was until now. It’s okay though, now they both know. Just doing my civic duty.

Tuesday (March 15) and Thursday (March 17): I actually really enjoyed my finance paper this week! ..because we used Excel haha. I don’t know why I like Excel so much. I think it has something to do with organizing info in a pretty way, I’m not sure. ALSO on Tuesday, David (pal from high school) and our buds got ready for the annual March Madness bracket prediction thingy that we always do!

Wednesday (March 16): Today marked exactly a month since I landed in Auckland. A month flew by but I’ve also been trying to soak every single moment in. Today was especially meaningful because the care package my parents sent me came today!! So thankful for them and Costco pistachios. They also sent some medicine (classic parents) and candy.

Friday (March 18): Dad taught me how to use the Google instant messenger thing on emails. You’re so hip!

The package they sent me! Thanks Mom & Dad

Until next time,



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