Cookie Bus

This weekend (April 9 and 10), I became best friends with my Consumer Behaviour notes. Cute, right? I feel like such an imposter for spelling words the English way, but I’m honestly just doing it so I can train myself and be at least a little used to it for exams.

On Thursday (April 7), a cookie bus came to the apartments and made freshly baked cookies!!

Front of Cookie Bus

We waited in line for about 20ish minutes but it was so worth it.

The lights are so pretty!

I have no clue who that guy is, but I just wanted a photo of the lights because I think they look cool. There was this little platform that you got to stand on when ordering and I liked it – it made me feel tall.


Sorry in advance for making you hungry.

Call me silly (or Deepa, they’re pretty much synonymous at this point), but I spent my time watching HEAPS of wedding videos before the cookie bus came. I’m just a tad excited about my brother getting married.

Other highlights this week:

Side note (below note?): I was gonna be funny and HIGHLIGHT the word highlight.. but Google says I need to either use a plugin or do it manually, and I’m too lazy to do that/should probably continue studying after this.

Monday (April 4): I saw this in the engineering building!! It reminded me of my favorite brother.

Can you even see it? Maybe a little bit?

K’nex!!! Sorry for the bad quality, it was 10pm when I took this photo on my phone and I was trying to be discreet about my photo-taking.

Tuesday (April 5): Joseph (flatmate from China, to refresh your memory) asked me how many classes I’m taking. I said four and then asked him the same thing, and he said six! I was so surprised and said, “Wow that’s so many!” and I was in the process of asking him how they’re all going when he goes, “Minus two!!!” He’s so silly.

Wednesday (April 6): I saw Hail, Caesar! with Emily, Kedisha, Nat (these three are my neighbors in flat 18), and Kinsey and then got ice cream afterwards. There were definitely some funny parts, and it was nice to relax and hang out with my buds.

Friday (April 8): I watched Two Towers with Evan and Sarah. Evan & I made a goal two weekends ago that I would finish LOTR before we leave for mid-semester break. We’re planning on watching the last one tomorrow night!

Saturday (April 9): I hung out with Sebastian and mates for his birthday, and then watched Return of the King with Evan and his flatmates! I really liked the whole film series! I think my favorite, if I had to pick, would be Two Towers but they’re all pretty amazing. I’m glad my first time watching the series was in the country they were filmed in.

Oh man, what a week. I didn’t really go exploring around this weekend because I have a lot of assignments and exams coming up, but I’ll make up for it during my mid-semester break! See ya next time.


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