Midterm Season

“YAY, TESTS!!” said no one who is sane.

Actually, tests and exams aren’t too horrible because they’re there to make sure people are learning, but I like my sleep.

Here’s a recap of what happened this week:

Monday (April 11): I had my weekly 15 question multiple choice quiz (the professor’s here call it a test, but it’s definitely a quiz) for Advertising & Promotion, and then my mid-semester test for Buyer Behaviour later that day. I know how I do on the weekly quizzes because the professor goes over the questions in class, but I’m not sure how to gauge the mid-semester test because it was my first one. I think it went well, I dunno. I was just really glad it was over because it meant I could sleep!

Also, it was Siblings Day back home (April 10), so I emailed my brother this gem.

I miss you

Tuesday (April 12): FREE CONE DAY. Kedisha and I walked all the way to the closest Ben & Jerry’s for this free ice cream. It was a 45ish minute walk (one way), but it was so worth it.

Chocolate fudge brownie

Wednesday (April 13): We (Evan, Theresa, Celeste, and I) all met up and tried to come up with ideas of what to do each day in Australia.

Australia Excel.png
Can you tell I like Excel? p.s. Food is always good

This is what I worked on when I didn’t want to study, and it acted as a very rough draft of what we could potentially do in Australia. We ended up booking two things: the penguin parade at Phillip Island (I envisioned marching penguins holding flags) and snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef! Sorry credit card.

Thursday (April 14): My first finance assignment was due today. I actually truly enjoyed working on it for two main reasons. One reason was that we had to use Excel, and the other reason was that my professor gave us the correct answers for 60% of the assignment. I don’t think I’ve ever had a professor give me answers to an assignment before it was due, at least up until now. BUT it made sense (not dollars) because we were graded on what formula we used to obtain the correct answer and not just the answer itself. It was nice that we were able to double check our own answers with those provided to ensure we were completing the assignment accurately.

I am so glad Chaptown’s business program involves taking an Excel course. I was able to reference all my cells, use the goal seek and solver functions, and create sensitivity analyses (all of which I learned to do in the Excel class back home, but it was nice to have prior experience with the tasks). Thanks Chappy.

Friday (April 15): I fell asleep around 3-4 am and woke myself up a little before 8 am with my Marketing Strategy book right beside me. I forgot to set my alarm. Lesson I learned that morning: don’t trust yourself to stay up when you cuddle yourself into bed with the blanket. Also, as I was reviewing my notes (once I was awake), I found out that I spelt persuade as “pursway” ..oops. I think I was listening to my professor talk and just spelt it how it sounded, but I don’t know if the red squiggly line in Microsoft Word could even fix that typo..so it’s a good thing I knew what I meant.

I just took my Marketing Strategy test!! It started later than I thought it would (about 20 minutes later), but it was also not as bad as I thought it’d be! I was definitely a little worried (read: pretty worried) about not making it to the airport on time for our flight (more on this in the next blog), but I somehow convinced myself to worry about that later and focus on the exam. BUT YAY NOW I’m officially on break! My hand hurts a little from writing a ton, but that doesn’t matter because now I can just jump on a plane and sleep. Hey, ask me if I can jump higher than a plane. You: Can you jump higher than a plane? YEAH, you can too ..because planes don’t jump. Ha. I also learned that one from a joke book.

I can’t wait to see you, Australia. (I guess I’ll have to though since the flight is 4 hours long.)


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