AUS: Sydney

Thursday (April 21): Celeste went back to Auckland while Evan, Theresa, and I arrived in Sydney around 4 pm. We decided to just roam around the city and find a place for dinner.

Dandelion Water

The sign to the left reminded me of home because it told us that we were 2,158 km from Auckland and 12,054 km from LA.


I think Sydney’s my favorite city out of the three we’ve been to.

Dialogue of our walk:

Theresa: Woolloomooloo

Evan: You good?

The conversation makes me smile every time I think about it! Woolloomooloo is such a funny name for a place; it’s the habourside, eastern suburb of Sydney. Theresa was just reading a sign on one of the stores that we passed by, but Evan didn’t see it.

Mrs. Macquarie’s Point

I guess it’s an okay view.

Close-up of Opera House & Harbour Bridge

I’d seen so many photos of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge online, but like lots of things, it’s not the same as seeing it in person.


This pie cart is famous for serving pies and other food to celebrities, tourists, and locals! It had such a nice vibe.

Vegetarian Pie

New Zealand and Australia are pretty well-known for their meat pies, so we knew we had to get some pies. Theresa and I don’t eat meat (she’s a pescatarian!), but the pie cart had vegetarian pies and they were delicious, especially with some sweet chili sauce.

Hazelnut rocher

After eating dinner, we walked back to our hostel and walked around in a different direction so that we could see more of Sydney. We passed by Andersen’s Ice Cream and knew that we wanted some. When I took this photo, I smiled like I was the one being photographed. I guess I was just excited to eat it! It was probably my favorite dessert item of the trip so far. OH and “Drowning” by the Backstreet Boys played in the background while we ate.

We headed back to our hostel and met up with Emily, Kedisha, and Kinsey and chatted with them until we decided to call it a night.

Friday (April 22): Dad emailed me saying that he was going to Souplantation for lunch with his office staff and that he’d eat on my behalf. He ended the email by asking if there was anything special he should eat from and for me. Dad, you’re the cutest. Thanks for having some mac and cheese for me! (..and a brownie with soft serve on top!)

The three of us decided to do the Bondi to Coogee Beach Walk, which is a coastal walk that takes us along three beaches.

Bondi aka beautiful

There were so many people out! There were also a ton of scary clouds behind us that were moving very quickly.


There was a lot of artwork along Bondi and they were all pretty interesting to look at.

More of Bondi

This is a view of Bondi as we were walking along the coast to the next beach.

“Be awkward” – hands

We walked along the rocks (because we’re adventurous).


It was such a nice day out! Before we left, we checked the weather and it said that it was supposed to rain around 1 pm, but so far we hadn’t gotten rained on.

We ate lunch after this and I had the tastiest burrito I’ve ever had. I couldn’t finish it and I felt really bad (sorry Mom & Dad). I was so full that all I could say was “defeat.”

Nature ROCKS (ha)

I took a lot of photos and I like them all.

So I’m just gonna post them here.


It started pouring soon after we got here, so Theresa and I went to a restaurant nearby and asked one of the workers which bus to take to get to the Sydney Opera House. As we walked out, a really nice lady came up to us and asked us if we needed help. I felt like we were on The Amazing Race for a second because we were holding a map, had our backpacks on, and were getting help with directions. ..except we weren’t rushing to go anywhere and we were on vacation.

It’s even prettier in person

We hopped on the bus and made it to the Sydney Opera House! We decided to do a tour of the Opera House so that we could go inside and learn more about it.

Part of Sydney Opera House

I took this photo IN a different part of the Sydney Opera House.

The tiles

I can now say that I’ve touched the Sydney Opera House with my hands.

How to be Artsy 101

After the tour ended, we decided to get some hot chocolate and brownies because it was chilly out and they both sounded nice.

Cloudy sunset

The sun was setting as we finished our snacks. The colors in the sky kept changing every few minutes!

Bye, sun!

Notice the birds at the bottom of the photo, just like the ones in Finding Nemo!

Opera House during sunset

The Sydney Opera House looks cool from all angles (fun fact: I almost just typed ankles, but I didn’t).

Silhouetted skyline

I snapped this photo right before we decided to head back to the hostel.

Saturday (April 23): On our last full day, we decided to take some ferries and see what’s around Sydney’s central district.

Cockatoo park

Before that, though, we walked through this park that had a bunch of cockatoos.

Pretty fountain

We also walked by a ton of flowers and a rose garden! It smelled really nice.

Straight Outta Finding Nemo

It was really cold that day.

“Be awkward” – hand

Can you tell how cold I am?

We chose to spend the day and night in Darling Harbour because they’re known for having a fireworks show!

Ironic signs

When we got to Darling Harbour, it was pouring, so we decided to take cover and eat lunch (I got a sandwich). After we ate, we walked around the harbour. There was an event going on from April 16 to May 1 called Signspotting, where funny and absurd signs from around the world were put up.

BRO, do you remember this sign?!?! We definitely saw this same sign about 10 years ago when we were in Alaska!

Awesome playground

As we wandered around Darling Harbour, we came across this super fun playground. I think what made the playground so awesome was how interactive it was. You could move the metal pieces so change the direction of the water, and there was a lever you had to continuously pull that would allow more water to flow through.

My first macaron!!

After we got some pizza for dinner, we had to get dessert. I found out that this is what I’ve been doing wrong in life – not eating macarons. I got this delicious item from Chocolateria San Churro.

Waitin’ for fireworks

I love city lights and their reflections on water!

Ended break with a bang!

So glad we were able to see the fireworks show! I wasn’t sure if I should try taking a photo of fireworks because I just wanted to enjoy the experience and not feel like I had to capture the moment, but I’m glad I did because now it reminds me of the experience! I dunno, photography’s weird like that. The point is to capture the memory, but then sometimes people spend too much time trying to capture the moment.

Ferry ride back!

After we got back, we got some Thai food for dinner (I got pad thai of course).

Sunday (April 24): DAD! It technically isn’t your birthday until tomorrow in California, but it’s the 24th here. Thanks for all the life lessons and silly jokes. We’ll celebrate together when you and Mom come to NZ. Miss you, love you, can’t wait to see you!

On travel days, we go to museums, and that’s exactly what we did. We went to The Rocks Discovery Museum.

Photos hung up

I think I’ve been to more museums in Australia than I’ve been to in New Zealand.

View from the top of the museum!

My last photo of the Sydney Opera House before we headed to the airport.

One more macaron

I had to get one last macaron before I headed back! I guess I didn’t have to, but I did and it was worth it.

Sydney, you’re beautiful. Australia, thanks for the adventure of a lifetime.

Sigh. Gotta go back to reality now. (Ha, NZ does not feel like reality.)

Monday (April 25): It was Anzac Day, so we had the day off! I used this day to relax, get back into school mode, and catch up on studying. I also called Dad because it was the 24th back home! At 6 pm, Jaimie, Sarah, Evan, and I all watched Hunt for the Wilderpeople and then got churros after.


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