Homemade Meals!

This weekend (Friday, April 29 to Sunday, May 1) I went to my aunt’s house (we’re related on my Dad’s side).

After my class on Friday, April 29 Manishafoi picked me up from my apartment and took me to her house. Simran (her daughter) also goes to the University of Auckland and is a first-year engineering student. Simran and I ate some pizza for dinner at an Italian place!

Saturday (April 30): We decided to go to the Mission Bay beach and Newmarket Plaza.

Playground next to the water

Before we headed to the beach, Simran and I went to a park area near her house.

My fambam

We went to Mission Bay and took photos with/of the view. Thank you for spending time with me, showing me around, and feeding me!


We got some frozen yogurt before relaxing on the beach!

The grass was super soft

After Mission Bay, we stopped by the Michael Joseph Savage Memorial Park, which offered a really nice view of NZ.


I get really excited when I see people taking wedding photos, especially because my brother’s gonna be married soon!! Also, I like how dedicated this photographer is.

My favorite photo of the day

So pretty!

T2 window

We went to the Newmarket Plaza and went window shopping! I even tried some strawberry tea, it was pretty tastea (ha).

Sunset with a side of clouds

After Newmarket, we went to their family friend’s house because they were having a party. I finally got some homemade Indian food after so long!! I didn’t realize I missed it so much until I got here.

Sunday (May 1): We finished up some homework and then left the house to go to Butterfly Creek for the day!

Pretty (on the inside and outside)

There were HEAPS of butterflies flying around (I wasn’t sure what to expect at a butterfly place).

Butterflies feat. family

They landed on them!

Just monkeyin’ around

There was also a monkey within the butterfly area.


And this lil’ creature.


This is probably my favorite photo I took of an animal that day.


Actually, this one might be my favorite.

All in all, it was a really nice weekend! Thanks again for spending time with me and making me feel at home.

Other highlights this week:

Tuesday (April 26): I checked my mail and found the birthday card my parents sent – thank you!! I loved it. 🙂

Wednesday (April 27): Turned in my assignment and took my midterm right after! So glad it’s over with now.

Thursday (April 28): After going to my classes for the day, I slept. A lot.


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