dear mom

I’ll keep this short and sweet, like you.

Happy Mother’s Day.

p.s. I love you. Heaps!


In all seriousness though, thank you. Thank you for giving me and my brother life and for making us feel safe in this sometimes scary world. Thank you for your guidance, your warmth, and your patience. I know we didn’t always make it easy for you. I hope one day I can be as inspiring, hard-working, and loving as you are. Have a beautiful day today and every single day after this — you deserve nothing less. We’re proud and fortunate to call you our mother.

..and Dad, I’m really glad you two met.


2 thoughts on “dear mom

  1. Thank you Deepa for all the kind and generous words.
    Tarun and I are blessed to have you and Arpeet in our lives. It was very nice of Arpeet and Aroma to have an excellent dinner and dessert delivered at home for Mother’s Day. It was a nice surprise !
    Take care and will see you soon Deepa.
    Love, mom

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