it’s a zoo in here

On Saturday (May 14), Theresa and I went to the zoo!

Entrance sign once we finally got there

It took us a while to find the right bus stop (we ended up just walking to Britomart and asking customer service), but once we did, we were on our way! There was also a really nice girl on the bus who told us when to get off the bus and where to walk in order to get to the zoo.


Giraffes were the first animals we saw! It made me really happy to see how much room all of the animals had. Also, that giraffe in the front is a baby giraffe!! It’s kinda like a Deepa-sized giraffe but not really because it’s still pretty tall. But I guess it’s Deepa-sized for a giraffe.


I think this might have been my first time seeing a meerkat. They make me laugh because of how they stand on their two hind legs. I’m pretty sure this specific one was posing for the camera, but I’ll never really know for sure.


I felt the need to make this photo black and white.

Birds that you probably can’t see

There were so many little birds flying around! The bird houses were colorful and I thought they looked cute.


HEAPS of flamingos just standing on one leg. Imagine if humans stood on one leg all day!! It’d be kinda weird.

Just some trees

I took this photo on our way to the kiwi habitat!! We saw KIWIS!!! The animals, not people from NZ. I didn’t take any photos when we went inside the kiwi habitat though because it was really dark (they’re nocturnal).

CA sea lion!

I found a little bit of home in my new home. 🙂

Can you see the animal?

It’s a red panda!! I’ve never seen one until now and they are not panda-sized at all, but they’re still cute.


We listened to a zoo worker tell us all about the orangutans! There were three of them, and it was so neat to watch them move around their home and swing around with such ease. One of the orangutans even moved a blanket that was covering a box, opened the box, took out the lettuce head, and ate it in like 5 bites! It was kinda weird how much I was overcome with joy when I witnessed that moment.. but I think it had to do with the fact that I could see how truly clever they are. I dunno.

Also, I think I’ve always associated orangutans with the Tang juice thing.


This one is soakin’ up the sun, I guess. Alligators kinda scare me.

Water break

Tigers, though, don’t scare me.

No one said my brain made sense.

Lunch! Veggie burger & fries

The place where we got lunch, Darwin’s Cafe, was also a zoo!! (Because there were a lot of people, not because of seagulls or anything.)


I did NOT take 99 photos of these wallabies! This area of the zoo was aptly named “Aussie Walkabout” and reminded me, reasonably so, of Australia. Good times.


This emu was just a little too close for comfort because it kept walking super close to the fence! Theresa told me that emus are the second-largest birds (height-wise) right after ostriches. This particular emu was around my height, which may make anything sound small when compared to me, BUT for a bird, that’s pretty tall!

Galapagos tortoise

These tortoises were huge!! The worker (feeding the tortoise) said that the two specific ones we were seeing will last at least another 50 years. I never really spent much time thinking about animals and their lifespans, but it’s a nice reminder that humans aren’t the only ones living on this planet.

Shy golden monkey

It’s so pretty!

Nice view

We also saw a lot more animals that I didn’t take too many photos of, including more monkeys, tamarins, marmosets, baboons, tarantulas, and even some Asian elephants.


Seal you later, zoo, and thank you for such a fun day! The weather was also pretty nice to us and didn’t rain on us – just provided us with lots of warmth and sunshine.

Other highlights this week:

Monday (May 9): Called/FaceTimed Mom (& Dad) 3 times throughout the course of the day because it was Mother’s Day in California.

Tuesday (May 10): I went to the Photoshop class again (I also went last Tuesday but I think I forgot to mention that). I learned a little bit about Photoshop in 8th grade and some more in high school, but it was nice to have a refresher and learn some more shortcuts and tricks!

Wednesday (May 11): Worked quite a bit on my group project for Marketing Strategy. (I don’t think I’ve ever really used the word ‘quite’ until coming to NZ.)

Thursday (May 12): I realized that, after tomorrow, I only have 3 weeks of actual school/learning before finals month!

Friday (May 13): One of my close buds, Sarah, told me awesome news!!! SARAH, I’m so excited. “All my friends can’t go to Chapman” – Ramzi. Theresa, Jessica, and I tried out an ice cream place near the wharf called Pride and Joy. It was a nice little find – maybe I’ll take Mom & Dad here!

Ice cream ft. friends

Chocolate ice cream, did you expect anything else? I think I usually end up with either chocolate or cookies & cream ice cream.

See you soon, thanks for reading.


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