rainy days

This week wasn’t too interesting – I didn’t go anywhere this weekend (May 21-22) because I had a lot of work to do. It also rained a ton this whole week, which I enjoyed. I’m almost certain that beds become comfier when it’s pouring outside. Random thought: do you think that if umbrellas had thoughts, they’d wonder why it always rains when they go outside?

Anyway, sorry in advance for the lack of (good) pictures!


Monday (May 16): Made a rough draft Excel file for when Mom & Dad come to NZ! Also, Kedisha and I got cookies with Natalie and Emily from the heavenly cookie place on Queen St.

Double chocolate chip

We had some good timing. It barely sprinkled on us on the way over there, and right after we got back safely inside our flats, it started pouring again.

Tuesday (May 17): I went to Pita Pit with Theresa for dinner and then went to Trivia Night with Emily, Kedisha, Evan, Justin, and Tasha. We got more right than the last time! I dunno if that’s saying much, though. We didn’t do so hot the first time around.

Wednesday (May 18): Worked on the group project with my team. After our meeting, I worked on the project to make sure everything met guidelines, flowed, was organized, and had no typos. I also got to make our paper look pretty!! I was working on the project from noon (after I got out of advertising & promotions) to 11 pm and I kinda sorta forgot to eat. Oops. But in advertising and promotions, they gave us free Red Bull, so I guess that’s what kept me awake while working on the project.

Table of Contents page of our project!

Out of all the pages I formatted, this one was my favorite! I didn’t make that image (plagiarism is bad), but I just changed the color to fit our project and made the sky tower longer so it could be used as a guideline for the page numbers and titles. I dunno, it was kinda fun to play around with it.

Thursday (May 19): My throat felt weird in the morning and I was scared that I lost my voice again, so I didn’t talk until noon just to be safe. I hadn’t lost it!!

Morning routine

The bagel was too hot to touch ..so I used a knife to take it out.

Friday (May 20): We turned in our project!! So glad that’s over with. Now we just have to present it next week and I won’t have to worry about it again!

aka window washers

I saw this sign as I was heading to the ISA office to print out the written part of our project (we get free printing there!). Above this sign, I saw two people cleaning the glass windows with squeegees. I really like that they call themselves “height and rope access specialists” because it sounds so fancy and makes me laugh. Silly Auckland.

UPDATED Thursday, June 2 @ 4:05 PM: Go to the website here if you don’t believe me!



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