words of wisdom

Home away from home

Soaking in this view while I can!

What a (not super interesting) week. Here are the highlights:

Monday (May 23): I had my last weekly test! Yay, so close to the end of the semester! (Did I use enough exclamation points?!)

Tuesday (May 24): Had a meeting with my group to practice for our presentation and then went to Countdown with Kedisha.

Wednesday (May 25): A leaf fell on my head. I also spent most of the day working on my finance assignment.

Thursday (May 26): One more month until Mom & Dad come!! Holy moly. Have people been throwing their watches and clocks out of windows? Because time is definitely flying.

I got this email from Chaptown:

umm… not yet Chappy

You lost me at “just graduated.”

Also, my finance assignment was due today, so I celebrated by grabbing some Sal’s with the Australia crew.

Mushroom pizza

Yup, I’m still celebrating things by grabbing pizza. Coming to NZ has not changed my love for pizza, thankfully.

Friday (May 27): “Just like the Master Chef, walk with the head high” – Dad. His words of wisdom when I told him I had a group presentation I was slightly (read: very) worried about. I think it was mostly just nerves because, like most things, it ended up working out.

UPDATED Friday, June 10 @ 11:43 PM: Thank you for this, Dad. It puts a smile on my face every time I read it!

Saturday (May 28): Theresa and I went to the La Cigale French Market! I got a crepe, but they had tons of options! There were even these donuts with liquid-filled syringes. It looked intense/delicious. Maybe next time.

Nutella & Banana crepe


Sunday (May 29): I studied for my first final in NZ! It’s on Wednesday.

Just one more week of classes until finals!!


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