it’s a zoo in here

On Saturday (May 14), Theresa and I went to the zoo! It took us a while to find the right bus stop (we ended up just walking to Britomart and asking customer service), but once we did, we were on our way! There was also a really nice girl on the bus who told us […]

Surf’s Up

This weekend (May 7-8), ISA took us on an excursion to Raglan (where we learned to surf!) and the Waitomo (glowworm) caves. We all walked to the bus stop at 7 am on Saturday, May 7. We made a quick pit stop at a cafe called Autobahn where I got this huge muffin. Jessica made […]

dear mom

I’ll keep this short and sweet, like you. Happy Mother’s Day. p.s. I love you. Heaps! 😛 In all seriousness though, thank you. Thank you for giving me and my brother life and for making us feel safe in this sometimes scary world. Thank you for your guidance, your warmth, and your patience. I know […]

Homemade Meals!

This weekend (Friday, April 29 to Sunday, May 1) I went to my aunt’s house (we’re related on my Dad’s side). After my class on Friday, April 29 Manishafoi picked me up from my apartment and took me to her house. Simran (her daughter) also goes to the University of Auckland and is a first-year engineering […]

AUS: Sydney

Thursday (April 21): Celeste went back to Auckland while Evan, Theresa, and I arrived in Sydney around 4 pm. We decided to just roam around the city and find a place for dinner. The sign to the left reminded me of home because it told us that we were 2,158 km from Auckland and 12,054 […]

AUS: Cairns

Monday (April 18): Evan, Celeste, and I all had seats next to each other on the plane! I slept for the majority of the flight. We landed around 8:30 pm and caught a bus to our hostel. We asked our bus driver what he recommended food-wise, and he said the Night Markets if we weren’t […]

AUS: Melbourne

You know how Inception is about a dream within a dream? I think “vacation” could be like a break within a break. NZ would be my break from California, and now Australia is my break from NZ. It makes sense to me in my head, but now that I’ve typed it out, I’m not so […]